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MedTech Intelligence

Volume 13 Issue No. 25


AdvaMedAdvaMed Asks Biden Administration to Make Transport of Medical Supplies a Top Priority

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Recent transportation challenges have affected the medtech industry’s ability to deliver healthcare products.



2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide for Medical Device Manufacturers2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide for Medical Device Manufacturers

This guide is designed to help medical device manufacturers focus on what’s most important in this industry. It’s structured by function so you can approach cloud ERP as a business advantage rather than just an operational tool. From sales to track and trace, supply chain to financials, and service to regulatory compliance, this guide lets you weigh each item by importance, and then compare potential cloud ERP vendors to find the best fit for your needs and goals.

Featured Articles


Next-Generation Digital Twins in Healthcare

By Visa Suomi, Ph.D., MathWorks

Digital twins have the capability to enable safer medical devices and improve overall patient outcomes.


Telehealth Goes Mainstream:
The Doctor Will Virtually See You Now

By Terrence D. Sims, Raintree Systems

COVID-19 ushered in a fundamental change in how medicine is being delivered.

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Effective Manufacturing Test Strategies to Improve the Quality of Connected Medical Devices

By Sook Hua Wong, Keysight Technologies

Adding wireless connectivity to medical devices brings convenience to patients, and can facilitate more effective healthcare delivery and lower healthcare costs. Its success depends on the ability of manufacturers to produce reliable, connected products that do not fail prematurely in the field.

CGM Devices Represent the Era of Digital Diabetes Management

By Hrishikesh Kadam, Global Market Insights, Inc.

Robust trends are expected to power the global digital diabetes management market.


Deliver Accurate Medical Device Configurations and Quotes with CPQDeliver Accurate Medical Device Configurations and Quotes with CPQ

Success in a digitally transformed economy requires organizations to execute faster and introduce new technologies into business processes to boost productivity and reduce operational costs. With all the obstacles, challenges, and regulatory issues that medical device and mobility equipment manufacturers deal with daily, the need to stay ahead of the curve and address their customer’s needs is the highest priority.


The MDR and Opportunities for MedTech

By Barry O’Sullivan, School of Computer Science & IT, University College Cork;
National Research Ethics Committee for Medical Devices, Ireland

The medtech regulatory environment in Europe has entered a new era. A Europe-wide medical device regulation has come into effect, presenting both challenges and opportunities for stakeholders in the sector.

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Top 4 Technology Considerations Using RPM for Early Intervention

By Mark Denissen, Anelto

Using the right strategy, remote patient monitoring turns episodic care into preventative care, potentially improving the patient experience and health outcomes.


Accelerating growth for emerging medical device and diagnostic industry SMB manufacturersAccelerating growth for emerging medical device and diagnostic industry SMB manufacturers

This is an infographic focusing on Small-to-Medium sized businesses (SMB), which are the emerging manufacturers in the medical devices market.

The infographic then focuses on 4 topics:

  • The challenges SMB face
  • The role of Manufacturing Operation Management for SMB
  • SMB requirements to grow in the medical device industry
  • The steps SMB should take to start their digital transformation
MedTech Library

Beyond Inspection: Rethinking the role of video in manual assemblyBeyond Inspection:
Rethinking the role of video in manual assembly

What if “inspection” meant more than identifying faulty or suspect units before they escape the factory? Thinking beyond inspection means infusing quality practices into every step of the assembly process.

Members of Drishti’s customer experience team wrote about how to shift from an inspection-only mentality. From their work with leading automotive, medical device, electronics, industrial and packaging manufacturers, they’ve seen first-hand the benefits and limitations of inspection.

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