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Volume 14 Issue No. 47


Anthony Fernando, CEO, Asensus SurgicalFrom Art to Science:
How Machine Learning Is Changing the Surgical Landscape

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

By applying HFE principles early on, packaging design can evolve beyond usability evaluations in product development cycles to ultimately ensure a better user experience and safe execution.


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How Health Tech Can Combat the High Cost of Lifestyle Choices

By Trenholm Ninestein, Rightpoint

We’ve all dabbled with apps that affect various parts of our health and wellness, but never in a holistic way. This is an opportunity for the tech sector to help patients drive better health outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs by showing them how to embark on a path of wellness. It’s just a matter of pulling it together into the right user experience.

Nudging Towards Safer Decision Making

By Laís Junqueira, Elsevier

Bringing design and quality assurance processes together earlier in the device development process can reduce costs and nonconformances, while improving outcomes.


Rootstock Cloud ERPThe Med Tech Supply Chain:
Challenges and Strategies

Sponsored By Rootstock Software

Mark Benson, VP of Medical Device Supply Chain at Johnson & Johnson, Steve Chakrabarty, MBA, Global Supply Chain, BD, and Raj Badarinath of Rootstock Software discuss the implications for global supply chains, just-in-time inventory management and their shortcomings in the face of disaster, as well as strategic changes medical device companies are making to build robust and resilient supply chains without sacrificing economy and efficiency.

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Tufts Neurosurgeons Honored for Innovation in
Hydrocephalus Treatment

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Neurosurgeons Adel Malek, M.D., Ph.D., and Carl Heilman, M.D., were recognized for their eShunt System, which is the first minimally invasive treatment for communicating hydrocephalus.

CDRH Launches Pilot Program To Reduce Device Approval Times

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

The goal of the TAP Pilot is to reduce the time from concept to commercialization of medical devices by facilitating robust engagement early in the process with the FDA, industry and key stakeholders.

Loftware - Turning roadblocks into pathways to success

MedTech Library

Predictive Quality for Medical DevicesPredictive Quality for Medical Devices

Sponsored By Critical Manufacturing

Wouldn’t it be great to know and be able to automatically release products when every process stayed within the specified envelope? And to sample or test only as much as a particular process requires, no more or less? Those are the promises of predictive quality. Get to know what executives from Medtronic, B Braun, Jabil and Ultradent have to say about it.

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Medical Device Supply ChainThe Impact of Covid-19 on the Medical Device Supply Chain

Sponsored By Loftware

It’s no secret, the medical device supply chain was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover how leading medical device manufacturing companies adapted to meet the changing demands with labeling to ensure uptime.

Adapting to COVID-19 with simulation in the medical device industryAdapting to COVID-19 with simulation in the medical device industry

Sponsored By Siemens

Learn how medical device manufacturers are using simulation to enhance their design process to help fight COVID-19 and continuously innovate.

6 Requirements for Medical Device Manufacturers in 20226 Requirements for Medical Device Manufacturers in 2022

Sponsored By Rootstock Cloud ERP

Discover the 6 key requirements to consider when executing your digital transformation strategy and learn how to turn uncertainty and disruption into a model for sustainable growth.

Preparing for Europe’s New Medical Device RegulationPreparing for Europe’s New Medical Device Regulation:
The Essential Guide to EU MDR Compliance

Sponsored By PTC Arena

Download our whitepaper today as we provide the key steps to making a successful MDR transition, as well as some insights on how an enterprise quality management system (eQMS) solution can help simplify compliance.

Unified Medical Imaging Solutions:
The Next Evolution in Imaging

Sponsored By Arrow and Dell Technologies

The Rise of Implantable Devices


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