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MedTech Intelligence

Volume 14 Issue No. 21


Brian C. Rogers, AxtriaThe Rise of Digital Therapeutics

By Brian C. Rogers, Axtria

Digital therapeutics (DTx) have the potential to lower healthcare costs and improve patient compliance, outcomes and access to care. In the first part of this two-article series we look at the current and potential applications for this growing sector of digital health as well as key considerations for technology developers.



 Launching your medical device: A strategy & execution cross-functional guideLaunching your medical device:
A strategy & execution cross-functional guide

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Learn how the experts launch their medical devices. Definitive Healthcare’s eBook cowritten by Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. is packed with checklists and descriptions of all major pre-launch action items each team in your org needs to complete to successfully launch your device.

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Featured Articles

Patient-Operated Devices Are Changing the Healthcare Landscape

By Philip Remedios, BlackHägen Design

Patient-administered healthcare is one of the fastest-growing segments in the medtech industry. When the patient becomes the operator, usability requirements are vastly different than those of trained clinicians, which elevates considerations in the design process.

NDAs Remain a Potent Business Tool

By Mauricio Uribe, Knobbe Martens

Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) can help protect trade secrets and build a framework for better cooperation and understanding between parties. Following are some key areas to consider when creating an NDA.

How to Address the Top Four Labeling Challenges Facing Medical Device Manufacturers

FDA Issues Cybersecurity Draft Guidance, Wants Devices
Designed Securely

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

With the ever-increasing adoption of connected devices, the agency is emphasizing the need for effective cybersecurity.

Five Finalists of Annual Pediatric Medical Device Competition Announced

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

“Addressing unmet needs across pediatric populations is critical to advancing children’s health, and we are delighted to once again work with pioneering companies that seek to bridge this care gap.”

Outset Medical CEO Elected MDMA Board Chair

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Leslie Trigg, CEO of Outset Medical, is the new Chair of The Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) Board of Directors.

PTC Arena - Cloud CMS - Simplify Quality & Ensure Compliance

MedTech Library

Data Curation: Enabling your Digital Strategy with a Comprehensive Data StrategyData Curation: Enabling your Digital Strategy with a Comprehensive Data Strategy

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Through this whitepaper look under the hood to see how Innovaccer can help life-science companies address these challenges and move towards the digital disease management ecosystem.

7 Principles of Product-Centric Quality Management: A Guide for Medical Device Innovators7 Principles of Product-Centric Quality Management:
A Guide for Medical Device Innovators

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Read this eBook to learn how to overcome process delays, compliance risks, and barriers that impede innovation.

Unified Medical Imaging Solutions: The Next Evolution in ImagingUnified Medical Imaging Solutions:
The Next Evolution in Imaging

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Effective data management and processing challenges need to be addressed seamlessly for modern imaging solutions to facilitate quick and precise diagnosis, augment business workflow, and improve patient care.

The Rise of Implantable DevicesThe Rise of Implantable Devices


In this whitepaper, we'll take a closer look into the state of the medical device industry, in general, and the rise of implantable devices, specifically. We'll touch on how those devices are changing people's lives for the better and what to consider when choosing the right materials that go into making these devices.

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