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Volume 13 Issue No. 41



Jennifer Esposito, VivaLNKTelehealth Outlook in a Post-COVID Healthcare Landscape

By Jennifer Esposito, VivaLNK

As the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to evaluate and assess lessons learned and find any possible silver linings derived from the crisis. This includes telehealth and the use of remote technology.



SalesforceModernizing Your MedTech Selling Process

Recorded: August 4, 2021 - Sponsored by Salesforce

“COVID only helped set the wind in our sails”, said Michael Allen, AVP of Sales and Service, Dynarex, when asked about the impact of COVID to his business processes. During this On-Demand Webinar, you will be able to listen and learn how Dynarex, a medtech company was able to increase sales by improving deal time to addressing revenue leakage.

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Featured Articles

Adhesives’ Crucial Role in Wearable Medical Device Design

By Del R. Lawson, Ph.D., and Tony Kaufman, 3M

As an essential material that creates an intimate connection between the device and its user, and is paramount to functionality, the consideration of adhesives should be brought in at the beginning of the design process.

Roundtable Discussion:
Why Documents and Data Can No Longer Be Treated as Distinct Entities

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

If teams across regulatory, quality and safety functions—as well as further across the life sciences enterprise—are to be able to think and operate in more agile and dynamic ways to achieve what is necessary, then the way that they generate, manage and store documents and data needs to change fundamentally. Regulatory changes (e.g., towards data-driven submissions activity, more dynamic item/label tracking, etc.) are prompting some of this change, but cannot be relied upon exclusively to drive the process improvements now needed.

DNV - Accepting new applications from medical device manufacturers for EU MDR and MDSAP>

EU MDR Compliance:
Do Your CERs and PERs Hit the Regulatory Bar?

By Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief

MedTech Intelligence recently sat down with Peter O‘Blenis, CEO of Evidence Partners to discuss challenges reviewers face throughout their literature review process in the context of regulatory compliance, and to talk about the upcoming virtual event, Evidence Matters 2021.


From Facility to Home:
COVID-19 and New Connected Health Use Cases

By Jennifer Kent, Ph.D., Parks Associates

As the focal point of care moves away from the facility and into the home, care providers and health systems will lean more heavily on connected health devices in advancing and expanding the future of healthcare.


Seizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life SciencesWhitepaper:
Seizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life Sciences

Sponsored By Salesforce

Salesforce and Harvard Business Review (HBR) have teamed up to dive deep on why improving customer experience is top of mind for life science organizations in “Seizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life Sciences” whitepaper.

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How IoT, Medical Devices and Wireless Power Will Transform Patient Care for Doctors and Healthcare Providers

By Hatem Zeine, Ossia

Today’s health monitoring and management systems rely on wires and batteries, and often are not continuously connected to an alert and communication system for patients and doctors. Wireless power will empower medical device manufacturers to develop sophisticated, smart IoT systems that will improve patient care and patient lives.

MedTech Intelligence Survey

Smart Digital MD&D Manufacturing Trends SurveySmart Digital MD&D Manufacturing Trends Survey

Siemens has partnered with MedTech Intelligence, on a MD&D Manufacturing Trends Survey and we invite you to participate in it. The survey is 11 multiple choice questions and should take 3-4 minutes to complete. The results of the survey will be included in a future article on MedTech Intelligence.

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Compliance Quest - 2nd Annual Supplier Quality Maturity Survey

MedTech Library

Datasheet: Reduce Your Medical Device Time-to-Market with CPQ SoftwareReduce Your Medical Device Time-to-Market with CPQ Software

Sponsored By Experlogix CPQ

Specifically designed for the medical device and mobility industry, Experlogix CPQ will also help accelerate the quoting and proposal generation process, empowering your sales reps to configure complex product and service proposals quickly and accurately with ease.

Top 6 uses for video on medical device assembly lines

Sponsored By Drishti Technologies, Inc.

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