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Volume 13 Issue No. 36



Lena Levin, Via SurgicalWhat’s Holding Back Use of Robotic Devices for Surgeries?

By Lena Levin, Via Surgical

A look at the factors contributing to the slow adoption rate of these devices in the OR, along with how the industry can increase adoption.



SalesforceModernizing Your MedTech Selling Process

Recorded: August 4, 2021 - Sponsored by Salesforce

“COVID only helped set the wind in our sails”, said Michael Allen, AVP of Sales and Service, Dynarex, when asked about the impact of COVID to his business processes. During this On-Demand Webinar, you will be able to listen and learn how Dynarex, a medtech company was able to increase sales by improving deal time to addressing revenue leakage.

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Smart Device Startup Data Challenge:
Synch Building with Funding

By Brian Greene, HMD Labs

To achieve success, a medical device startup must build a sophisticated data architecture specifically designed to deliver maximum value for its customers’ use cases. However, it’s extremely difficult to build such an architecture—especially given early-stage budget constraints. That’s why startups must wisely synch their data architecture spending with their funding rounds.

Diagnostic and Monitoring Solutions Define Smart MedTech
Industry Trends

By Saloni Walimbe, Global Market Insights, Inc.

Increased awareness during the COVID-19 crisis and public efforts to strengthen the development of healthcare technologies has boosted the smart medical devices sector.

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Usability in Microfluidic Cartridge and Device Design

By Mike Loveless, StarFish Medical

By examining the larger user experience involved in the microfluidics process, we can identify issues, and design these experiences to reduce the potential for user error, improve outcomes and create a simpler, more accessible process.

COVID-19 Pushes Digital Transformation, MedTech Drivers
Moving Forward

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

The pandemic has accelerated a revolution in medtech, impacting how companies approach their business strategy as well as how healthcare systems interact with medical device companies.

Siemens - Modern and integrated manufacturing execution systems in medical devices

Joint Reconstruction Devices Undergo Continuous Development to Enhance Patient Outcome

By Hrishikesh Kadam, Global Market Insights, Inc.

The dynamics of the joint reconstruction devices industry has strengthened with consistent technological improvements, including the adoption of 3-D printing.

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Seizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life SciencesSeizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life Sciences

Sponsored By Salesforce

Salesforce and Harvard Business Review (HBR) have teamed up to dive deep on why improving customer experience is top of mind for life science organizations in “Seizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life Sciences” whitepaper.

Top 6 uses for video on medical device assembly lines

Sponsored By Drishti Technologies, Inc.

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