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MedTech Intelligence

Volume 13 Issue No. 31



Cybersecurity by Design in Medical DevicesCybersecurity by Design in Medical Devices

By Dr. Abtin Rad, TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH

Medical devices and medical software are becoming increasingly connected to hospital networks, other medical devices or the Internet. As a result, manufacturers and developers are required to consider cybersecurity from the very early stages of development. This in turn necessitates comprehensive risk management along the entire lifecycle of a device.



Seizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life SciencesSeizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life Sciences

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Salesforce and Harvard Business Review (HBR) have teamed up to dive deep on why improving customer experience is top of mind for life science organizations in “Seizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life Sciences” whitepaper.

Featured Articles

The Prevalence of Neurological Disorders Pushes Scope of Wearable Medical Devices

By Hrishikesh Kadam, Global Market Insights, Inc.

The increasing incidence of hearing loss and neurological diseases has prompted the development of convenient and enhanced solutions in wearable healthcare devices.

Smart Digital MD&D Manufacturing SurveySmart Digital MD&D Manufacturing Survey

Siemens has partnered with MedTech Intelligence on this survey and we invite you to participate in it. The results of the survey will be included in a future article on MedTechIntelligence.com


Robert Dostert, DNV Ask the Expert:
The EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) – Is Anyone Ready and Where Are We Headed?

The Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 became the applicable EU law on May 26, 2021. After a four-year transition period, is anyone ready? Well, let us have a look.


2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide for Medical Device Manufacturers2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide for Medical Device Manufacturers

Sponsored By Rootstock Cloud ERP

This guide is designed to help medical device manufacturers focus on what’s most important in this industry. It’s structured by function so you can approach cloud ERP as a business advantage rather than just an operational tool. From sales to track and trace, supply chain to financials, and service to regulatory compliance, this guide lets you weigh each item by importance, and then compare potential cloud ERP vendors to find the best fit for your needs and goals.


Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring Dominate in 2021

By Emily Newton, Revolutionized Magazine

Telemedicine and remote monitoring became one of the defining medtech trends of the last year, and they show no signs of slowing.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX - Time is running out... Get ready for EU IVDR!


The Edge of Medical Imaging:
How Edge Computing Is Changing Radiology

By Devin Partida, ReHack

Edge computing brings processing and storage closer to data’s source rather than sending it to a distant data center in the cloud. Edge computing also complements advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s a look at why it facilitates the medical imaging progress.


 6 Requirements for Medical Device Manufacturers in 20216 Requirements for Medical Device Manufacturers in 2021

Sponsored By Rootstock Cloud ERP

This paper covers the 6 key requirements you must consider when building a solid foundation for your medical device manufacturing company. There are market opportunities for the taking and paper shows you how.

MedTech Library

Charting a path to operational excellence with a focus on manufacturingOperational Excellence:
Charting a path to operational excellence with a focus on manufacturing

Sponsored By Siemens

Download this white paper today and find out how operational excellence for medical devices helps enterprises go beyond the complex modern requirements of medical device manufacturing. Learn how eliminating manual DHR activities will improve resource utilization and remove errors. Contextualized data can help operations teams drive towards closed loop manufacturing to lower costs while ensuring product performance through operational excellence.

Top 6 uses for video on medical device assembly lines

Sponsored By Drishti Technologies, Inc.

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