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MedTech Intelligence

Volume 13 Issue No. 17



George I’ons, Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical ServicesTaking the Long View:
Harnessing Product Lifecycle Drives Sustainability in Medical Devices

By George I’ons, Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services

When a company does not take action to become more environmentally responsible, it risks losing access to global markets.


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AI in Healthcare to Reinforce Drug Discovery and MedTech Applications

By Saloni Walimbe, Global Market Insights

During the COVID-19 crisis, digital forces like artificial intelligence have assisted the healthcare industry to focus on patient care while achieving improved efficiency during treatments.


The Great Equalizer:
How Digital Health Is Democratizing Healthcare

By Busy Burr, Carrot, Inc.

We all need to play a role to drive the innovative changes necessary and not wait for someone else to do it.


How medical device companies can create end-to-end connectivity for in-hospital equipmentHow medical device companies can create end-to-end connectivity for in-hospital equipment

Sponsored By S3 Connected Health

Connectivity is now a must when designing or redesigning in-hospital medical equipment.

Data insights collected on connected medical devices can bring many benefits for vendors, healthcare providers, and patients; from improving healthcare outcomes to reducing the cost of care and device maintenance. This whitepaper details the key steps to consider when creating a secure, scalable connectivity ecosystem based around medical equipment in the hospital environment.

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What Are the Biggest Changes under EU MDR?

By Jon Speer, Greenlight Guru

With only one month until the compliance deadline, many medical device companies still have much to prepare in order to meet the requirements.


How Remote Patient Monitoring and Biomarkers Are Changing in Clinical Research

By Jiang Li, Ph.D., VivaLNK

RPM products with medical-grade sensors can play a dynamic role in developing personalized medicine.


Experlogix CPQ for the Medical & Mobility IndustryExperlogix CPQ for the Medical & Mobility Industry

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How Labeling Plays a Critical Role in Mitigating
Supply Chain Disruptions

By Laura Johnson, Loftware

Labeling is as critical as quality for medical device products. If a manufacturer can’t shift labeling to meet production in an agile manner, their products may not reach their destination.

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How CPQ Helps Your Sales Team Drive Revenue and Increase ProfitsHow CPQ Helps Your Sales Team Drive Revenue
and Increase Profits

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CPQ (configure, price, quote) software is designed to help medical device and mobility manufacturers accelerate the quoting and proposal generation process, eliminate mistakes, and easily guide users through the most complex pricing and quoting.

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EU IVDR - Process, Data, Reporting & PlanningEU IVDR - Process, Data, Reporting & Planning

The European In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (EU IVDR) will profoundly affect the global diagnostics market, requiring new procedures, evidence development, documentation, organizational structures, data management, reporting, and a reassessment of legacy portfolios. Preparation will involve strategic thinking and buy-in at the highest levels.

Implementation of IVDR is scheduled for May 2022, with no indication that it will be deferred. For those who have not already begun planning for the change, it is urgent to begin now or face exclusion from the European market.

Recorded March 30, 2021: EU IVDR Introduction

Recorded April 6, 2021: Quality Processes and Documentation

Recorded April 13, 2021: Clinical Evidence & Surveillance

Recorded April 20, 2021: Supply Chain Management: Economic Operators, UDI, and Labeling

Recorded April 27, 2021: Strategy and Planning

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