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Complimentary ON-DEMAND Webinar

RECORDED: November 17, 2022 | 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET

Moving Beyond ASL with Design Controls and Supplier Management

From the very start of your product’s lifecycle the design controls and supplier information are vital components to building your product’s digital thread. Without proper design controls and supplier management, creating a digital footprint for your products – so you can improve quality, traceability and guarantee compliance – becomes impossible. 

That’s why keeping track of all your supplier parts, requirements and inputs while developing and designing your products is required by regulatory standards. For example, even from the beginning of your design and verification process, your selected Level 1 and Level 2 manufactures can impact your product risk, design and needed controls. Ensuring these manufacturers are properly vetted through component qualification reduces the likelihood of incorporating incorrect parts into your product design.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can start taking steps to upgrade your ASL (Approved Supplier List) to an Approved Manufacture Listing (AML) that fits into your products quality plans. Learn how to build practical data structures to start your product digital threads and provide the needed visibility so your suppliers and manufactures can build high quality products that your customers will swear by.

Key Take Aways:

  • How Product Design is your starting point of the product digital thread
  • Adding value to your product by keeping track of supplier and manufacturing controls through your design
  • What manufacturer visibility is needed in Design and Testing
  • Why AML is better than ASL


Sundeep Agarwal

Tim Brown
Vice-President of Products - PLM

As VP of Products – PLM at ComplianceQuest, Tim Brown oversees the product development activities for Product Innovation and is responsible for customer experience as they establish their PLM data. Tim has over 25 years of medical device, manufacturing industry and software implementation experience.

Through roles as mechanical drafting and quality systems ownership, manufacturing engineering, post market activities and facility leadership responsibilities he brought forward an appreciative perspective to current state and insight to the future performance. He is an accomplished computer systems implementor and continuous improvement practitioner, accelerating businesses in reducing risk and transforming their data into usable information. System experience includes CRM, Labeling, CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP and QMS systems on various platforms. He has headed organizations mission of configuration management, product lifecycle and digital transformations processes though the visibility of their data. 

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