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RECORDED: November 17, 2022 | 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET

The Med Tech Supply Chain: Challenges and Strategies

Medical device manufacturers have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of suppliers of raw materials, components, or services of various kinds.  Coordinating the work of multiple vendors and organizations, often spread across the globe, is a daunting task even under normal circumstances.  The COVID-19 pandemic and other recent world events have starkly highlighted the fragility of supply chains and the dangers to public health crated when medical device manufacturers cannot produce or deliver their products in a timely manner.  What have been the implications for global supply chains, just-in-time inventory management, and other strategies that work fine when all is well in the world but can fail in the face of disaster?  What strategic changes are medical device companies making to build robust and resilient supply chains without sacrificing economy and efficiency? 

Leading industry experts participate in a discussion and question and answer session on the challenges the med tech industry faces and strategic approaches for better supply chain management in the future.


Mark Benson

Mark Benson
VP Medical Device Supply Chain

Johnson & Johnson

Steve Chakrabarty

Steve Chakrabarty
Director, Global Supply Chain,
Sr. Director Global Business Process


Raj Badarinath

Raj Badarinath
Chief Marketing & Production Officer


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