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Webinar 2

May 12, 2022 |

12:00 p.m. - 2:30 pm ET

Connected Care:
Digital Health, Wearables & Connectivity -
Telemedicine and Healthcare
Outside of the Hospital

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May 12, 2022

Telemedicine and Healthcare Outside of the Hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic forced providers and patients to rely on telemedicine rather than in-person consultations.  This experience, born of necessity, showcased the fact that technology now enables much of traditional clinician-patient interactions to be done remotely, as well as making it possible to reach patients in rural or other underserved areas or patients unable to visit a clinic or hospital.

What will be the future of telemedicine?  Which parts of healthcare will become totally virtual?  How will telemedicine change the practice of medicine and the way that provider organizations operate?  How will telemedicine blend into the larger continuum of care delivery options that providers and patients can access.

Also, if telemedicine largely remains “zoom with your doctor or nurse,” what are the upper limits on what can be accomplished over video conferencing or a phone call? s webinar will also look at what additional value we can deliver through virtual care if we can use it in tandem with powerful medical devices given to patients to use in non-clinical settings (i.e., their daily lives in the home, work, school, in transit).  If we can use devices to remotely diagnose, monitor and treat, then can we accomplish more?


Bernhard Kappe

Bernhard Kappe
Founder & President

Vittorio Nastassi

Vittorio Nastasi
Policy Analyst
Reason Foundation

Julian Goldman

Julian Goldman, MD
Medical Director, Biomedical Engineering
Director, MD PnP Program and SaAMS Initiative
Massachusetts General Hospital

Phil Adamson

Philip B Adamson, MD
Divisional Vice President
Chief Medical Officer, Heart Failure Division

Mert Aral, MD

Mert Aral, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Lana Feng

Lana Feng, PhD
CEO & CoFounder

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