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MedTech Intelligence

Volume 9 Issue No. 46

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Asia2017 Update on the Diabetes Market in Asia

By Ames Gross, Pacific Bridge Medical

With the increase of diabetes prevalence in Asia and the rise of Asia’s middle classes, the demand for newer and better treatments will provide opportunities for Western medtech companies.


Axium Neurostimulator System St. Jude Medical Seeks to Address Excess Opioid Use with Technology

By Maria Fontanazza

Certain chronic conditions, such as spinal disorders, could benefit from the use of medical devices versus long-term opioid treatment.

Change AheadDeveloping Medical Devices for Drugs and Alcohol Detoxification

By Dr. Vikram Tarugu, M.D., Detox South Florida

In order to continue to provide high quality treatment to patients, innovation must continue.


Devine Guidance

Christopher Devine, Ph.D., Devine Guidance International The DMR, It’s the Recipe People

By Christopher Devine, Ph.D.,
Devine Guidance International

The DMR is nothing more than the recipe (a.k.a. secret sauce) while the DHR is documented evidence of compliance.

Stephanie Kute, BattelleHow “Big Data” Enabled
a Paralyzed Man to Move
His Arm

By Stephanie Kute, Battelle

How do you find meaningful signals in the middle of masses of noise, correctly interpret those signals and apply them for a useful purpose?

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AccumoldWhat is Micro Molding?

For 30 years Accumold has provided micro molding technology to help push the size and creativity limits of next generation product designs. Accumold is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro-molded plastic parts and components for markets that include micro-electronics, medical and micro-optic applications. Processes include: insert molding, clean room molding and 2-shot molding. Click here to learn more about how you can take advantage of this high-tech process on your next challenge.


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Evaluation of Wear Time for Various Tapes on Human Volunteers: 21-day Study

Sponsored by
Sponsored by: 3M

Evaluation of Wear Time for Various Tapes on Human Volunteers: 21-day Study

Download your copy of Evaluation of Wear Time for Various Tapes on Human Volunteers: 21-day Study to understand challenges when adhering to human skin.

As a device manufacturer, your key consideration when selecting a tape is ensuring proper adhesion to the patient’s body. Medical adhesives can be used in a variety of applications, such as securing wearable sensors, health monitors or other medical devices. Depending on the user population, some adhesives – typically in tape form - need to be gentle for fragile skin, or able to adhere even in moist conditions. Whether it’s affixed for several hours, a day or even a week, your device needs to stay attached to do its job. While adhesion is critical, there are other factors that need to be considered.

Download Your 21-Day Wear Time Study


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