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MedTech Intelligence

Volume 12 Issue No. 37



Agnes Cwienczek, AMPLEXORRobotic Process Automation:
Adding Intelligence to Optimize Regulatory Processes

By Agnes Cwienczek, AMPLEXOR

Robotic process automation (RPA) is reducing time spent on repetitive tasks in regulatory affairs and regulatory operations. The next step is artificial intelligence-enhanced RPA, which has the potential to automate more unstructured tasks.



Crescent IndustriesTelemedicine Cybersecurity Report: iOS Patient-Facing Mobile Apps

Sponsored By Irdeto

In this white paper, Irdeto identified five popular patient-facing iOS telemedicine mobile apps that offer on-demand virtual visits direct to customers through the App Store and performed an extensive cybersecurity threat risk analysis of these apps.

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Featured Articles

Market Access

NIHNIH Awards Seven Contracts for COVID-19 Digital
Health Technologies

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

The agency is seeking solutions to rapidly address public health needs related to the pandemic.

Ameing for Asia

Ames Gross, Pacific Bridge MedicalAsia 2020 Device Regulatory Update

By Ames Gross, Pacific Bridge Medical

Across Asia, government health and safety authorities have tightened regulations on medical devices this year, as markets continue to experience rapid change, and as the devices themselves gain sophistication and complexity at a blistering pace.

Product Development

Axel Wirth, MedCryptCybersecurity:
Making the Business Case, What We Learned from
COVID-19 and the Legacy Device Issue

By Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief

A Q&A with MedCrypt’s Axel Wirth sheds light on urgent problems that the medtech industry is facing regarding device security, but assures us that the sky is not falling.


2nd Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference,2nd Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference

September 22 - 23, 2020 | Webcast

This Conference identifies current risks and responsibilities arising as devices age and is focus on need for a collaborative approach among manufacturers, hospitals, and regulatory bodies to successfully address connected device security issues.

What you will learn:

  • Responsibilities and issues arising as devices age
  • Threat modeling for understanding and identifying risks
  • Where manufacturers get into trouble with PKI and legacy devices
  • Tools to help manufacturers and hospitals address legacy issues
  • Designing medical devices with legacy in mind

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MedTech Innovations Impacting Healthcare ProvidersMedTech Innovations Impacting Healthcare Providers

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

A snapshot of some key technologies affecting how medical professionals practice.

Business Analysis

Justin Williams, NoteworthHow Covid-19 Could Usher in the Cure for a
Sick Healthcare System

By Justin Williams, Noteworth

Monitoring patients through distributed technology will be key to restoring its health.


Huei-Sin, Keysight TechnologiesHerding Health Data to Provide Clearer Medical Guidance

By Huei-Sin, Keysight Technologies

New health-related data is arriving almost daily. Making sense of it all is a huge challenge.

Product Development

Josh Turpen, Jama SoftwareHow a Requirements Management Solution Helps Keep the Pace with Innovation

By Josh Turpen, Jama Software

During product development, collaboration between software, hardware and quality teams must be tracked and seamless to meet the increasing pace of market demand.

Designing Instructional Materials to Support Health Literacy for FDA Submissions Webinar

Upcoming Events & Webinars

SeptemberSeptember 22 - 23, 2020 - 2nd Annual Legacy Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference
A Virtual Event

SeptemberSeptember 30, 2020 - Designing Instructional Materials to Support Health Literacy for FDA Submissions
A Virtual Event

NovNovember 18-20, 2020 - Computer Modeling & Simulation in MedTech Product Development & Submissions
A Virtual Event

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