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MedTech Intelligence

Volume 12 Issue No. 36


Product Development

Axel Wirth, MedCryptCybersecurity:
Making the Business Case, What We Learned from COVID-19 and the Legacy Device Issue

By Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief

A Q&A with MedCrypt’s Axel Wirth sheds light on urgent problems that the medtech industry is facing regarding device security, but assures us that the sky is not falling.



Crescent IndustriesInjection Molding Material Selection Guide for Medical Devices

Selecting the right material for your medical device can be a challenge. First, learn several traits of injection molded materials and how these will reflect in your medical device application, for example, hardness, flexibility, chemical resistance, cost, etc. Once you know the traits your medical device requires, you can review the different materials to fit your application. Review this information to make the best material selection for your medical component or device.

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Business Analysis

Kyle Forcier, Model NAutomation:
The Key to Maximizing MedTech Revenue During
Global Disruptions

By Kyle Forcier, Model N

Leveraging automation and data analytics can help facilitate innovation and financial stability.

Product Development & Market Access

Georgia Tech Professor Sundaresan JayaramanGeorgia Tech Researchers Redesign Facemask
to Meet Practical Needs

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Combining “fit, filtration and efficiency” is the key to enhancing protection and encouraging compliance.


2nd Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference,2nd Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference

September 22 - 23, 2020 | Webcast

This Conference identifies current risks and responsibilities arising as devices age and is focus on need for a collaborative approach among manufacturers, hospitals, and regulatory bodies to successfully address connected device security issues.

What you will learn:

  • Responsibilities and issues arising as devices age
  • Threat modeling for understanding and identifying risks
  • Where manufacturers get into trouble with PKI and legacy devices
  • Tools to help manufacturers and hospitals address legacy issues
  • Designing medical devices with legacy in mind

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Business Trends & Analysis

Hot Topics of the 2020 MedTech SummerCybersecurity, COVID-19 and EU MDR
Hot Topics of the 2020 MedTech Summer

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Although the full impact of COVID-19 is uncertain, one sure thing is that industry continues to crave information to help them navigate EU MDR.

Market Access

Greg Kahn, Internet of Things ConsortiumHow COVID-19 May Be the Catalyst in Ensuring a Healthy Future for Telemedicine

By Greg Kahn, Internet of Things Consortium

With everything to gain, telehealth may lead to a new standard in health/wellness treatment while at the same time unifying the entire healthcare ecosystem.


Economic Operators under EU MDRSoftware and Digital Health under EU MDR

September 16, 2020 | Webcast

Even companies that are successfully managing other aspects of EU MDR still wrestle with the challenges of software. Most software currently in Class I will be upclassified, requiring the establishment of a certified quality system and notified body involvement. There is confusion about current and evolving device and system standards and guidances and their relationship to the new regulatory requirements, and significant ambiguity about emerging technologies, cybersecurity, data privacy, interoperability, and risk management.

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Market Access

James Archetto, Gaumard ScientificLife-like Patient Simulators Used for Healthcare Training During the Pandemic and Beyond

By James Archetto, Gaumard Scientific

During the current operating environment there has been an increased need for healthcare training using patient simulators for students and practicing healthcare professionals.

MedTech Library

Securing devices so that clinicians and patients connect without fear.Securing devices so that clinicians and patients connect without fear.

Sponsored By Irdeto

If mobile medical app cybersecurity is not well implemented, there can be several negative consequences. How can you protect your mobile medical application from hackers? Download the infographic to learn more.

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Telemedicine Cybersecurity Report: iOS Patient-Facing Mobile AppsTelemedicine Cybersecurity Report:
iOS Patient-Facing Mobile Apps

Sponsored By Irdeto

In this white paper, Irdeto identified five popular patient-facing iOS telemedicine mobile apps that offer on-demand virtual visits direct to customers through the App Store and performed an extensive cybersecurity threat risk analysis of these apps.

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The engineer’s guide to wearablesThe engineer’s guide to wearables

Sponsored By 3M

“Doctor’s orders” used to be the be-all, end-all. Today, it’s common for patients to seek multiple opinions, highly-tailored treatment options and ways to monitor their health themselves. Wearable medical devices have been game-changers – especially for people with chronic illnesses. Wearables enable patients to have constant access to health data that allows them to make critical health decisions from the comfort of their own homes or on-the-go.

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Trends in Medical Device Purchasing, Evaluation of Value, and Advice for ManufacturersTrends in Medical Device Purchasing, Evaluation of Value, and Advice for Manufacturers

Sponsored By Evidera

Gone are the days of selling med tech products to surgeons and physicians based on relationships alone. Today, surgeons must convince hospitals that a new product provides clinical and economic value, and manufacturers must arm surgeons with evidence to facilitate successful discussions with hospital value-analysis teams (VAT).

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The Growing Need for Real-World Evidence in Medical DevicesThe Growing Need for Real-World Evidence in Medical Devices

Sponsored By Evidera

Derived from a wide range of data sources, real-world evidence (RWE) is used to complement clinical trial data to create a robust evidence base showing both safety and efficacy in defined populations (clinical trials), as well as outcomes in the general populations.

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SeptemberSeptember 16, 2020 - Software and Digital Health under EU MDR
A Virtual Event

SeptemberSeptember 22 - 23, 2020 - 2nd Annual Legacy Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference
A Virtual Event

SeptemberSeptember 30, 2020 - Designing Instructional Materials to Support Health Literacy for FDA Submissions
A Virtual Event

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