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Volume 12 Issue No. 11



Gianluca De Novi, Ph.D., XSurgicalOutside the Surgical Suite:
Robotic Solutions on the Battlefield and Beyond

By Gianluca De Novi, Ph.D., XSurgical

Are remote laparoscopic and open surgical procedures on the horizon?


Crescent Industries - Custom Injection Molding Partner

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Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic, Scams Involving Personal Protective Equipment EmergeAmidst COVID-19 Pandemic, Scams Involving Personal Protective Equipment Emerge

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

As the saying goes, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

FDAFDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Hologic
and LapCorp COVID-19 Tests

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

The agency will continue to work with companies developing diagnostics relevant to the coronavirus outbreak in an effort to rapidly bring technologies to market.

COVID-19FDA Issues Guidance to Speed Up Availability of COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Due to the public health emergency, the agency is implementing the guidance document immediately, without public comment.

Featured Quote

quoteModern drugs and technology alone do not automatically help patients to reach their therapy goal.quote

โ€” Rolf Hinzmann, M.D., Ph.D, Roche Diabetes Care


Remco Munnik, Iperion Life Sciences ConsultancyCapitalizing on Standardized International Product Data

By Remco Munnik,
Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy

The latest regulations for human and veterinary medicinal products, as well as medical devices, include the mandate to set up databases with detailed information about available products. These databases must be realized and implemented in the near future, and require a concerted effort now if tangible real-world benefits are to follow.

Value and Volume of MedTech Deals Could Rise This YearPwC Report:
Value and Volume of MedTech Deals Could Rise This Year

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Analysts expect 2020 to be a busy year for M&A activity.

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Crescent IndustriesTop 5 Most Common Quality Defects for Injection Molded Products

Plastic injection molding is a practical method for mass production of parts. But even the best designs have shortcomings that result in product defects. These include flash, weld lines, sink marks, short shots, and burn marks. Be familiar with these potential problems to troubleshoot and avoid them. Read about each defect and ways to find a solution.

Call for Abstracts: MedTech Cybersecurity Conference

Call for Abstracts:
MedTech Cybersecurity Conference

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

The two-day event takes place September 22โ€“23, 2020. Submit an abstract, or register to attend.

Loftware - Successfully Manage Labeling & Compliance for MDR

EU MDR Risk Management Web Series - April 6-7, 2020

Six Sigma Approach to CAPA Virtual Workshop - May 6 & 20, 2020

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EU MDR Web SeminarsEU MDR Risk Management Web Seminar

April 6-7, 2020

This two half-day virtual event features presentations and panel discussions by speakers from notified bodies and top medical device companies.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction and Overview - Risk Management and the EU MDR
  • ISO 14971:2019 โ€“ Overview and Applicability to EU MDR and other regions
  • Design and Usability Requirements with respect to EU MDR
  • Practical application of Risk Management for EU MDR
  • EU MDR and Post Market Surveillance Requirements
  • EU MDR additional Monitoring and Trending Requirements
  • Post Market Surveillance methods and best practices
  • Post Market Surveillance and Risk Management
  • Application of Risk Management for Post Market Surveillance and Trending
  • Tying it all together - EU MDR / Risk Management / Post Market Surveillance

Register Now at www.EU-MDR.events

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AprApril 6-7, 2020 - EU MDR Risk Management
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