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Rachel Shelly, IDA IrelandWhere MedTech Is Going in the Next Decade, An Irish Perspective

By Rachel Shelly, IDA Ireland

Medtech decision makers must accurately predict future trends in order to chart the best future directions and identify the most advantageous areas for business investment.

Ameing for Asia

Ames Gross, Pacific Bridge MedicalOpportunities for Precision Medicine in Asia

By Ames Gross, Pacific Bridge Medical

It is the pot of gold at the end of the medical rainbow—the promise that, by harnessing data, researchers can tailor drugs, devices, and treatments to the genetic configuration, lifestyle, and environment of individual patients.

MedicaMEDICA 2019 Trends: Sports Medicine

By Dr. Lutz Retzlaff, Contributing Writer

Topics from regenerative medicine to artificial intelligence to cannabis will be discussed.



Marc Levinson, EndoVentions MedicalDeveloping Endoscopic Technology To Save Cost
and Time Constraints

By Marc Levinson, EndoVentions Medical

Minimally invasive surgical endoscopes can tackle both the challenges of cost as well as durability.

FDAOut with the Old, FDA Recommends Use of Duodenoscopes with Innovative Designs

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

The agency wants healthcare facilities to start using duodenoscopes that do not require reprocessing but recognizes the transition will take time.

Accumold - Micro-Mold - Small Mold - Lead Frame/Insert

Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference - September 26-27, 2019 - Boston, MA

MedTech M&A Conference - October 23-24, 2019 - Virtual Event

EU MDR Implementation Strategies

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QServe: Your MedTech Partner for Regulatory, Quality Affairs, and Clinical Trials

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Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference - September 26-27, 2019 - Boston, MAMedical Device Cybersecurity:

Legacy Device Remediation, Compensating Control & End-of-Life Conference, September 26-27, 2019

Plan to attend this Workshop at the Medical Device Interoperability & Cybersecurity Lab at MGH, Boston, MA or "virtually" from your own location via a webcast.

This highly interactive program is intended to help manufacturers and hospitals – independently and in collaboration – better understand steps they can take to improve medical device cybersecurity throughout the product life cycle.

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THIS EVENT WAS RECORDED JULY 17, 2019 | On Demand Webcast

This on-demand recording of the four-hour virtual event that took place July 17, 2019, conducted by leading experts on EU MDR requirements and implementation, provides concise insights into key aspects of the regulation to help companies understand and plan for the impending changes. The four hour webcast recording is $495.00

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CAPA is the most critical and challenging quality system requirement in terms of complex thinking and organizational processes. How do you verify effectiveness? How can you apply project management to CAPA? What are the right data and tools for identifying trends? How do you deal with significant but infrequent problems? Should you set deadlines for closing CAPAs, and what about CAPAs that never close? What are best practices for documenting and communicating CAPA results? Not a CAPA 101 course, this workshop recording brings together leading industry CAPA process owners to discuss approaches to the most difficult problems in CAPA and root cause analysis.

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