EU MDR Workshop Series -

MedTech Intelligence

Volume 11 Issue No. 08


Dan Fowler, WuXi AppTecPreparing for MDR:
Don’t Forget about Class I Reusable Devices

By Dan Fowler, WuXi AppTec

Learn about the new subclass for Class I reusable devices under MDR and the necessary steps to ensure compliance.



Featured Articles

Tandem Diabetes CareFDA Grants Marketing Authorization to Tandem Diabetes Care for First Interoperable Insulin Pump

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

The new pump allows patients to customize their diabetes management.


Bryan Brosseau, Brosseau Consulting, LLCEU MDR:
What We Can Learn from
Other Professions

By Bryan Brosseau,
Brosseau Consulting, LLC

From farming to teaching to firefighting, there are many principles of non-medtech professions that can be applied to EU MDR implementation.

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Andrew Wingen, 3M Health Care Business GroupThe Impact of Regulatory Requirements on Bringing Medical Devices to Market

By Andrew Wingen,
3M Health Care Business Group

If you’re looking to market your medical device, there are many tasks to complete.


Stephanie Domas, MedSecMedical Device 2019 Cybersecurity:
More Awareness, More Regulatory Involvement, More Collaboration

By Stephanie Domas, MedSec

The challenges will continue to keep medtech manufacturers and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry on their toes.

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Accumold5 Things Everyone
Needs to Know About
Micro Molding

With the pressure on design engineers to deliver smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective components many are turning to micro injection molding for support. Challenges often arise when designing for micro molding that can present unforeseen road blocks. Questions like - What is micro molding? How is it different from standard molding? – are commonly asked by engineers. This whitepaper will explore the answers to these and other pertinent questions.

3M - Learn the science of sticking to skin

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Advanced CAPA & Root Cause Analysis Conference - March 26-27, 2019 - Washington, DC

MedTech Import/Export Workshop - April 15 - 16, 2019 - Washington, DC

Medical Device Recalls Conference - June 24 - 25, 2019 - Washington, DC

Resource Centers

Resource Centers are single topic focused micro-sites within that are portals of information on medical device components and quality systems offering news, articles, white papers, case histories and videos.

Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference - June 4 - 5, 2019 - Boston, MA

Upcoming Events & Webinars

March 2019March 26-27, 2019 - Advanced CAPA & Root Cause Analysis
Washington, DC

April 15-16, 2019 - MedTech Import/Export: Regulations, Procedures, Best Practices
Washington, DC

April 16-17, 2019 - EU MDR Supply Chain & Economic Operators
Washington, DC

April 11-12, 2019 - EU IVDR Implementation
Washington, DC

May 20-21, 2019 - EU MDR the Cost of Compliance: Assessing Infrastructure and Resource Impact
Washington, DC

May 21-22, 2019 - EU MDR Clinical & Postmarket Surveillance Strategies
Washington, DC

May 23-24, 2019 - EU MDR Labeling, IFU, UDI, & Eudamed
Washington, DC

June 4-5, 2019 - Medical Device Cybersecurity: Legacy Device Remediation, Compensating Controls, & End-of-Life
Boston, MA

June 24-25, 2019 - Medical Device Recalls: Current Topics & New Initiatives
Washington, DC

OctoberOctober 22-23, 2019 - Global Regulatory Strategy
Washington, DC

OctoberOctober 23-24, 2019 - MedTech M&A: Regulatory & Quality Due Diligence
Washington, DC

NovemberNovember 13-14, 2019 - India - the MedTech Market: Strategic Planning & Practical Considerations
Washington, DC

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